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Growing a beard or moustache is something most men attempt at least once in their lifetime. For some it begins a lifelong love of facial hair. Whether it's a statement piece like a moustache or a beard that sets them apart, there is no denying that men and their facial hair have a very special bond.
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As bearded blokes ourselves we are only too aware of the needs of a man with facial hair. It was this awareness that led to us creating the Barber's Choice range of products. Some of us have full beards, some have moustaches and some have both but we were all wanting the same thing, a grooming range that was all natural, affordable and of course beneficial to our facial hair.

Our Founder

Beard Lab
We spent many months locked away in our "beard lab" researching and testing many combinations until we discovered our hand-crafted formulas. These formulas not only produced premium grade products but allowed us to create tonics to suit all forms of men that want the best for their facial hair. For us it was not only a mission to create quality mens grooming products but also to create a product range that didn't break the bank and allowed the different facial hair types of the world to reach their full potential.
Whether a beard is a 5 o'clock shadow or big enough to be a world record holder, it deserves the care and respect of a quality grooming product. Our beard tonics condition the hair and skin leaving the beard feeling softer and healthier allowing you to shape and groom with ease all while smelling amazing. They also reduce the itching and flaking so commonly associated with beards.
Our Secret
The secret to our unique range of oils, balms, washes and hair styling pomades is the use of 100% natural and organic oils (eg. Moroccan Argan, Hempseed, Jojoba, Rosehip, Coconut and many more) combined with the balanced blends of pure essential oils that create an array of masculine scents to choose from.
Our Mission
To ensure that no beard is neglected and that all facial hair is treated equally and with the care it deserves. Our masculine yet gentle grooming range is the perfect way to groom for success. Our guarantee is that we will continue to focus on providing affordable high quality grooming essentials to suit your style.


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"We love stocking the Barber's Choice range. The BC crew are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Our clients love their gear. The variety, quality and price point is spot on! They have something for every beard. You won't be disappointed."

Marty Kings Crown Barber Shop
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"Highly recommend these products. After a few days of using Barbers Choice I noticed wonderful results. Healthier skin and a softer and smoother beard. Also smells great, perfect for regular use. 
I now have less knots and tangling, works wonders."

Ben Customer review
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"It's good shit"

The Nelson Twins The world's funniest bearded comedians
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"The one thing our barber station was missing was a good beard and stache product. I tried a lot of different beard oils when looking for the perfect ones to stock in our salon Tortoise & Hair Co. With Barber's Choice it was love at first whiff. Not only do they smell amazing, they're locally made, all natural, work wonders and have been a pleasure to deal with.
My clients can't get enough of the products and we couldn't be happier to be a part of the Barber's Choice operation! 10/10"

Megan Tortoise & Hair Co.
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"Folk rock band 'The Beards' front man loved it and applied on stage... I tested it until the bottle was empty and loved it! No slimy oily residue left behind all went on the beard and not left on my hands like many others. Great fragrance and the wife will kiss me once more! May beard may not be huge but it loves this stuff. They do not need my word as it is running off the shelves! Certainly my current choice."

Dave (Aussie Beard) Founder of the Australian Beard & Moustache Club
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"Great product, more than happy customer. I work away in the mines and you can definitely tell the difference (in both skin and hair) once I've run out. Highly recommended to all bearded brothers. Cheers guys."

Jamie Customer review

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